Friday, November 6, 2009

275cc Breast Implants: What Will Be My New Breast Size?

275cc Breast Implants: What Will Be My New Breast Size?

Are you seriously considering breast augmentation? To know how 275cc breast implants will change your breast size the first thing to consider is how much breast tissue you already have. For a woman with little existing breast tissue as is the case with an A cup breast size, the new breast size will be naturally smaller than for a woman who already wears a C cup bra size. The breast implant profile, such as high, moderate, or low will also impact how 275cc will impact your breast size. Most doctors will say that a high profile 275cc breast implant is usually recommended women with a breast width that is smaller.

Your plastic surgeon will only be able to estimate how 275cc breast implants will augment the size of your breasts. This is true because 1) every woman's body is different and because 2) bra manufacturer's do not have a standardized measurement. Considering these factors you should understand that these following estimates with a bit of a grain of salt. It is only your breast implant surgeon who can estimate how 275cc breast implants will augment your breast size.

Generally if you have an A cup today you will be a B to a small c cup. If you have a B cup you might be a full c, whereas if you already have a C cup you will probably be a D after the surgery. The ultimate determination of how any breast implant size will affect your bra size will be determined by your plastic surgeon.

How To Use Breast Implant Sizers To Approximate Your New Size With 275cc Breast Implants:

Now the best method to estimate how 275cc breast implants will augment your breast size is to get a set of implant sizers to try at home. The newest breast sizing systems available commercially today are effective towards helping you decide what breast implant size is right for you. Most women looking for this implant size will buy a set of implant sizers, such as 225cc, 275cc, and 325cc to see how each one of these sizes will augment their breast size.

With the Purlz Breast Sizing System is that you can try on all of your favorite clothing and even go out in public while wearing them to see how you feel about each of the sizes. There is nothing like an actual trial of various breast sizes to see which of the sizes is best for you. There is only one system available today that allows you to do this: The Purlz Breast Sizing System. Other systems are designed just to stand in front of a mirror at home since the rippling effect of the water based sizer shows through your bra and clothing. On the contrary, Purlz are designed to look and feel natural in nearly any of your blouses and dresses. Some women even go out shopping for the new clothes they will need while wearing their Purlz.

275cc Breast Implants: Before and After Pictures

Breast implant before and after pictures of 275cc breast implants are certainly fun to look at, but you should realize that these pics can contain some distortions. A better test is to take before and after pictures of yourself while wearing differerent sizes of breast implant sizers. This test can give you the visual effect you might be looking for. Besides that it's more fun to take photos of yourself than look at photos of other women Bring your photos to your surgeon so that you can discuss how the various implant sizes looked on you.

275cc Breast Implants: Are They Right For You?

This is an often asked question to which I can only answer: How will you possibly know until you try them on for size? After your surgery you may have wished to have gotten 325cc or 225cc, but if you have not had a trial with Purlz you might never really know. Try on several different breast sizes today with the Purlz Breast Implant Sizers. you definitely need to look towards L.W. Gatz and the Purlz Breast Sizing System!

What Different Sizes Should I Get?

You should buy sizers at least 50cc apart in terms of size. The differences in less than 50cc are simply too small to notice. Consider getting one size smaller than you think you want, along with the size you want and then one bigger. Many times women are surprised in the end by the final breast implant size they choose after using Purlz Breast Sizers. The effects of wearing them over time can truly change your mind.

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